This little 30-second test shows you how difficult it is to get out of your house in a fire. Take it with your entire family. Remember, 3,000–4,000 people die a year in fires trying to find their way to a safe exit.


1. Pick a spot in your house. Go to the place you’d likely be during a fire. Remember, most home fires occur between 11pm and 7am, so the bedroom might be a good choice.

2. Close your eyes tight and spin around at least five times. Fire is NOT BRIGHT. It’s dark, very dark. In seconds, a room can fill with smoke and you’ll quickly become disoriented.
3. Hold your breath. Take a deep breath and hold it. Smoke and fumes kill more people that fire. And fire uses the oxygen you need to breathe. Breathing even a small amount of fumes causes even more disorientation.
4. Find your way to a safe exit. No cheating. Eyes closed and breath held, see if you can find the door in the mere seconds you have to escape safely.

5. Consider the results. How did you do? How did your family do? Did you get out in 30 seconds ore less? If you did, great. Either way, a LightSaver can help you find those safe exits long before firefighters arrive.